Responsive image  Building Permits


For Builders, Electricians, HVAC Contractors and Home Owners

  1. Request permits on-line, with fee calculation based on answers to on-line application
  2. Submit required documentation as well as pay fees on-line
  3. Email and/or smart phone texts when application is approved
  4. Include subcontractors, and type of work being performed, in the permit documentation process
  5. Request inspections on-line, specifying requested date and time of the inspection
  6. Receive results from inspections either through email and/or smart phone texts
  7. Check on the status of permit progress 24/7
  8. Similar process for building, electrical and mechanical permits

For Local Government Personnel

  1. Submitted permits automatically show up in designated personnel's inbox for assignment
  2. Assigned permits can be routed through the system to those authorized to review and approve permits
  3. Permissions-based limitations where only those personnel authorized to perform certain functions can do so
  4. Fully document all inspection attempts, including uploading of images to support conclusions
  5. Track multiple attempts for inspections that are not approved
  6. Download Excel spreadsheet of all inspection activity for the day to reduce travel times
  7. Enter inspection results directly into a laptop, tablet or smart phone, triggering notification to the contractor
  8. Track an unlimited number of permits for each property
  9. Provides the ability to search for all types of permits based on a large variety of parameters

For Local Business providing construction materials

  1. View limited information on all permits submitted meeting a variety of criteria
  2. Generate reports based on the above criteria, thus eliminating the need for local government personnel to provide the reports